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Employee Absence Management

We can help track employee absences and tardiness and implement a system for you to manage and monitor them throughout your organization.

To report an absence or late start, your employees would call in to our call center and we answer the call as a representative of your organization. We record the employee information, shift, reason for them being late or absent to work and type of leave they are requesting. We can also assign a confirmation number and optionally share it with them for their tracking purposes.

Our absence management system can:

  • Record the date / time stamp that the call came in
  • Record the incoming phone number
  • Record the entire conversation
  • Provide a report to management via fax, phone or email
  • Our representatives can make arrangements for a replacement and share this with the shift supervisor

Based on the fact that we are a neutral 3rd party, we can help to enforce company standards and follow up with reporting in an unbiased and professional manner. All information recorded can be provided for auditing purposes and conflict management.