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Live Call Patching

Live Call PatchingThere are often times when you cannot afford to miss a call, but you can't afford to sit around waiting for the phone to ring either. You need to be mobile, you need to be selective and you need to be productive. Our Live Call Patching service is the perfect solution!

Perhaps you just need to get away and take a walk by the water. No problem. If a call comes in, especially one that you really want, we'll answer the call and patch it over to you.

But wait, what about those pesky sales calls? You don't want to have your "me" time interrupted by tele-marketers or other non-important inquiries. We have the perfect solution for that too!

You simply tell us what calls, or what type of call you want to be notified about, and what hours you prefer us to forward the live call on to you.  If the caller fits within your parameters, we will take the call, place the caller on hold temporarily while we reach you, and if you say you'd like to take the call we will patch them through and then drop out of the conversation.

For those calls that don't fit within your parameters we can try to answer the callers questions, upsell or cross-sell your product or service if applicable, and take the appropriate message and forward it on to you offline. That way you can prioritize your messages and get back to the caller when you see fit.

So go on, relax - take a little time away. When those important callers try to reach you we'll just act as your portable assistant and put you in touch in a matter of seconds.