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Testimonials - Our Customers Say It Best!

Customer Testimonials
Very few 24/7 service companies boast about their 24-hour live answering service - but we do! In this day of technology overload, Nationwide Inbound provides a service that is genuinely valuable. When our customers face a water damage emergency in the middle of the night, they are comforted to be able to talk to a real person when seeking service.Nationwide not only provides a consistently high quality of operator assistance, but actually connects the customer and our on-call technician through a three-way connection before the customer ever gets off the line. This has made our success rate very high and our customer satisfaction very strong. During the daytime, there are those moments when all lines are tied up and once again Nationwide is there to answer every single call we cannot. I could not be happier with the consistently high quality of service this company provides. No wonder they are our preferred vendor!
- Jack D / Restoration Services

We have only been working with Nationwide Inbound for a few months and can already see the benefit in working with them! They have amazing Customer Service, you always speak with a live person. Being a fairly new customer of Nationwide, their patience and flexibility in customizing the way our phone calls are answered is appreciated and stress free. It is easy to call and make changes or adjustments. Everyone is very friendly on the phone and eager to help. Their service is user friendly to our technicians. In fact, some of my technicians receive pages, others receive phone calls - it doesn't matter, Nationwide keeps track of it all!
- Sarah J / Heating and Cooling

I would like to commend Nationwide Inbound on a job well done. Their staff and operators have gone out of their way to accommodate our every need when it comes to answering our telephone when we are not in the office. We can forward to them at lunchtime, meeting time or the whole weekend and feel confident that they will answer and screen our calls to cover all of our services. During a weather crises all through the night and into the next few days they were there to help us with over 400 phone calls. We really appreciate all the help they have given us.
- Janelle G / Restoration Services

I have been a franchise owner for 2.5 years and in that time I have tried several different ways to answer the phones for my growing business. Nationwide Inbound is like having someone in the office 24 hours a day answering my phones. They also work my dispatch schedule and set sales leads. The best part is I always know what is going on as I am emailed during the day as the calls come in. Using Nationwide Inbound has allowed me to focus on my company and grow my business. I would recommend Nationwide Inbound for your call center needs.
- Travis W / HVAC

Just wanted to say thanks for the service you and your staff have provided us over the last 2 ½ years. You have always been a great back up and after hour answering service. With our latest changes in our office organization we appreciate the new scheduling product you offer. A few months ago we decided to allow you to schedule our customer leads. We created a login for your organization and now our customers are truly able to schedule their service requests 24/7 and the transition has been smooth. We feel we have exceeded our customers’ expectations by scheduling jobs promptly and I truly believe our call capture ratio has increased.
- Mark F / Electrical Services

We have been in business here in SW Florida since 1988. As you know, we are very demanding and totally understand and appreciate “Teamwork”. We are so overwhelmed with business and shorthanded, we decided to turn to you hoping you could handle it. You not only handled it, you hit it out of the park! Your staff followed the protocol, met each customer’s needs,and they met our needs.
- Bob N / Appliance Repair

I want to thank you and your staff for an excellent job! The people at Nationwide Inbound Inc. share in our Culture of Care. They are very courteous to our customers and my staff. Keep up the great work!
- Scott D / Landscape Management

We have been with Nationwide for over 4 years now and value the relationship. Because our service availability can fluctuate, I send in daily scheduling updates that they input in their system. They have always responded timely to any request/issue I've had and show a great deal of flexibility in allowing unique changes to my account and how it is handled. I appreciate the training they put their folks through and I've never had a customer complaint which is important. Thanks.
- Mike S / Glass Repair

Over the past year, we transitioned ownership, changed our auto pricing model, restructured our staffing, and implemented the use of Nationwide Inbound’s YES team. As part of that transition, the team at Nationwide Inbound worked closely with our staff to ensure quality service to our customers. They improved responsiveness through remote access to our systems, quoting, selling and scheduling jobs and handling our emergency service calls after business hours. They even help during the day as an overflow when the phones were exceptionally busy. Their approach to customer service and willingness to do the right thing has made them a solid partner in helping service our customers.
- Ed B / Glass Repair

After using a local Answering Service, several disappointing employees and attempts to handle all ourselves - we have discovered that Nationwide Inbound is definitely a good fit for our company. As recommended not only by our parent organization but also a sister franchisee, our business has grown due to the professional manner in which Nationwide receives and books our calls. What makes their service exceptional is that operators receiving calls are knowledgeable of our systems and guidelines for booking and receiving calls, which they follow to the letter. If problems arise, Nationwide customer service representatives quickly respond by getting in touch with us or handle themselves - always being courteous,professional, patient and most of all putting the customer first. We would definitely recommend Nationwide Inbound Answering Service for anyone looking for a positive change for their customers. Nationwide Inbound goes above and beyond expectations.
- Mac & Beverly S / Appliance Repair