A1 Garage Door Service


Tempe, AZ


A1 Garage Door Service was founded by owner and CEO Tommy Mello in 2007. Originally from Michigan, Tommy moved to Arizona in 1999. A1 Garage Door Service is a family-owned business with 350 team members in more than 30 markets across the country. Their technicians and installers live in the communities they serve, providing a localized feel to their services. A1 Garage Door Services also launched A1 Cares in 2020, in order to help, support and serve the people in their communities that keep them in business.

Division SS
Affinity 17: Garage
Industry Garage
Account Manager Lauren


777 - Line

777-Line for issues unrelated to scheduling.

Dispatch for Scheduling

Call dispatch line for scheduling questions.

Different Log-Ins

Utilize the different log-ins, so other agents aren’t getting kicked out.

Check E/R Availability

Check E/R availability by looking for the orange bar by the techs, If no orange bar, then E/R is booked.


Tommy Mellow, owner of A1 Garage Door Services, has written a book “How Service Millionaire” and currently has is own podcast “Home Service Expert.”

Tommy believes “Leaders are Readers.”