Choate’s Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing


Cordova, Collierville & Memphis, TN


Choate’s Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing, is located in Cordova, TN, and was founded in 1958 by Joe Choate. He began by doing residential repair work on heating and air conditioning systems, and it didn’t take long for his reputation of quality of work and attention to detail to be known throughout the area. Now his son, Chris, is continuing the family business with the same level of excellence that has been the key to the company’s growth and success over the years. Choate’s Air Conditioning and Heating is a community-oriented, family-owned-and-operated business. The Choate’s family still has a hands-on approach to the business. Chris’ wife, Cindy, works in the office handling a variety of administrative tasks. His three sons are also employed by the company, focusing on different fields of expertise.

Division SS
Affinity 12: Choate’s
Service Type Busy Rollover & AOH
Industry Mixed Services
Account Manager Gordon


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The Choate’s family loves to fish, hunt, watch & play sports and hang out together as a family.

Choate’s is moving into a 70,000 sq. ft. headquarters in 2022, which has a game room and gym for the employees.

Choate’s was awarded the Carrier 2021 President’s Award in the Mid-South Region. This award is awarded annually to authorized dealer who have shown a commitment to excellence and a dedication to their customers.