Atlas Butler Heating and Cooling


Columbus, OH


Atlas Butler traces its roots back to The Ramey Mfg. Co. of Chillicothe in the 1800s. McGee Swepston went to work for Remey in the early 1910s as a bookkeeper, and later purchased the company in 1921. In 1934, the name Atlas Butler was adopted to emphasize the concept of “Strength Through Service.” In 1976, Mark Swepston began working for Atlas Butler full-time, first in the accounting department, then in the service department, and eventually as service manager for six years. Mark became President in 1985.

Division SS
Affinity 37: ST – Mixed
Service Type Busy Rollover & AOH
Industry Mixed Services
Account Manager Gordon


E/R Unassigned

E/R is left unassigned.

Follow Intelliform

Follow the Intelliform and utilize the listed business unit and job type.


William Carson, Dirctor of Operations, has been with the company 6 years, and is the main point of contact with Nationwide Inbound.

Atlas Butler Mission Statement: It is our mission to serve others with honest solutions for our customers’ needs and to be creative, work smart and have fun.

Atlas Butler has an on-site house mock-up used for traning every HVAC technician.