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80% of all consumers will hang up on a voicemail.

Benefits of Nationwide Inbound as Your Answering Service


Calls Answered 24/7

We have live operators to answer your calls 24/7. You no longer have to worry about covering sick days, holidays, or vacations.

Increased Efficiency

We act as your remote receptionist. You have more time to spend growing your business.

Reduced Cost

We provide accurate and transparent pricing for our services. You only pay for the time spent on the phone.

Increased Sales

We can help schedule appointments on the first call. You book more appointments, which leads to increased sales.

Levels of Service

Nationwide Inbound offers a full range of customizable services to meet your individual business needs.
male account manager with call center headset

Basic Telephone Answering Service

  • Collect Caller Information / Reason for Call
  • Dispatch to On-Call Technician or Office for Follow-Up

Enhanced Services

  • Additional Scripting to Explain Service
  • Access to Service Titan
  • Schedule Appointments
  • On-Call Portal
  • Basic Reporting


  • Lead Handling: Home Advisor, Porch, Home Depot and Internet
  • Appointment Confirmation Calls
  • Dispatch Jobs: Rescheduling, Parts, Converting Estimates
  • Customized Reporting
  • Block Phone Numbers
  • Update On-Call
  • Reclassifying Phone Calls

Internet Lead Converting Services

Your competitors receive the same leads, which means you have to act fast to secure the appointment.

1. Receive Information

Prospects go to a website like Home Advisor, Angie’s List or Porch.com and enter their information.

2. Call the Lead

We receive their information and our representatives call the lead within 5 minutes.

3. Confirmation

We book the appointment and send you an e-mail or text to confirm.

4. Appointment Set

You complete the service call.

Create a WOW Experience with these Advantages

These advantages enable you to give your callers the best experience and to establish yourself as a top competitor.

Professional Customer Service Representatives

The most important advantage we give your business is providing live support from customer service professionals. Representatives give customers a personal experience which builds the foundation of your Business-to-Consumer relationship.


No Need to Hire Additional Employees

Since you no longer have to worry about having someone in the office 24/7, there is no need to add headcount. Customers can speak to a real person no matter when they call, and your business saves money without the expense of recruiting, hiring and training employees.


Consistent Customer Interactions

Each account is individually designed, and the personalized script ensures your brand is being properly represented during each and every call. Consistent experiences generate positivity throughout the entire customer life cycle.

24/7 Availability

A customer contact center guarantees that someone is answering your calls every minute of every day. You no longer have to worry about sick days, holidays, vacations, night, weekend, or any additional challenges you may face running a 24/7 service business.

Who We Are

Nationwide Inbound Inc. provides seamless customer care 24/7 through professional telephone services and live customer support. We learn your business needs, identify opportunities and design a custom solution to best match your business needs.

From day one, Nationwide Inbound’s goal and driving force has been to assist businesses with the highest quality of customer support. Each and every one of their customer interactions are centered around their commitment to quality and consistency.

Start Your Journey

Nationwide Inbound Inc. provides seamless customer care 24/7 through professional telephone services and live customer support. Thank you for your interest in Nationwide Inbound. Please complete the information below and a member of our team will reach out to you.