As Customer Service Agents, we are often the first point of contact for the customer. We set the expectations for the customer and give them a glimpse into our company’s standards. It is important to put our best foot forward and invite the customer into our company’s family! Actively listening, offering empathy, and taking the time to make each customer feel heard sets the expectation for the service they will be receiving. Being professional, courteous, and polite will help to put the customer at ease earning their trust from step one. Try out these few tips to improve your customer’s experience:

Put Yourself in the Customer’s Shoes

Ask yourself, would you rather be treated as another dollar sign, or as a valued customer for whom we are willing to go above and beyond? Empathy is a powerful tool! It shows that we do indeed care and we feel for the situation they are in. Repeating the customer’s needs shows we heard them and want to have all of the information accurate in order to better serve their needs. This can set the tone for the entire call as well as the entire experience with the company.

Adjusting Ourselves for the Customer’s Needs

If we know a customer is in a hurry, we should try to better meet their needs by being quick and efficient in order to assist them and allow them to get off the phone. If we have a customer with very detailed specific needs, taking that extra time to make sure you have everything accurate and understand the situation shows the customer you care and are really there for them. Leaving them feeling heard and in capable hands.

Narrate the Customer’s Needs

Every call is its own story and has its own background. We are the narrators for customers’ needs. At the end of the day it is our notes and disposition towards the customers that will leave a lasting impact. Our notes give the company insight into the customer’s needs. This helps ensure the best service for our clients. Remember we should always put our best foot forward, and smile!

Written by: Jacquelyn Mather, Customer Service Agent at Nationwide Inbound