Most marketers believe that the Customer Experience will be the primary driver of brand equity. Despite the shift to data-driven and automated marketing tactics, marketing leaders are not forgetting that most customers still want a personalized – albeit customized – experience. Even with the shift toward automation, something as simple as a phone call can make a big difference in the customer’s attitude toward your company. Here are three ways to engage your customers via a Customer Contact Center.


When a customer calls your business for the first time.

The first impression is an important one. Most consumers would prefer not to negotiate a maze of “dial this number” to finally reach a live person. And, if they do get to a real person, who is it? There’s no problem if it’s a rock star customer service employee, but what if they accidentally reach accounting or maintenance? Contact Center employees always answer the phone with a smile (even though you can’t see it) and a helpful disposition. They are trained to project a positive image of your company and serve the customer in whatever fashion you deem appropriate. And, they work around the clock!


When a customer is considering a purchase.

Customer contact centers are investing millions in new sales-enabling technologies that can function as a seamless extension of your sales platform. You should consider how and when your Contact Center can handle personal connections with customers as they move through their buying journey. Customers are an impatient group these days; they want information immediately and they want to purchase at the exact time they make their decision. Depending on your business model and work load, you may want to enlist a Contact Center to help close the sale.


Ongoing affirmation and communication.

Don’t forget about your customers once a sale is made. Repeat business is a key component of your sales volume, as are up-selling, cross-selling and referrals. Start with giving your new customers a call to see how they are enjoying (or using) their new purchase. If you’ve just performed a service, ask if everything is OK and if there’s anything else you can do for them. You’ll be amazed how this experience will resonate with your customer and leave an impression of service and trust. Over 90% of consumers targeted by affirmation programs say they would purchase again from the same company.