Not all customer service representatives were created equal. Some do the bare minimum, while others work hard and go above and beyond to become successful. Those representatives have certain habits that make them successful in their job. These habits help them to deliver an outstanding experience to their clients. 

Everyday, successful customer service representatives… 

Practice Patience

No matter the mood of the caller, a successful customer service representative remains calm and patient. They take the time to listen to the caller fully explain their situation and then begin to create a solution. They also recognize that getting worked up won’t help them or the customer at all. These representatives evaluate and adapt their techniques according to the individual situation without skipping any details. 

Create Personal Connections

With so many calls being answered each day, it can be easy to sound distant to get through the calls quickly. Yet, successful customer service representatives create personal connections while still being time efficient. This makes them successful because it makes people feel comfortable. They don’t feel as though they are talking to a scripted robot. These representatives show interest in what the customer is saying in order to win their trust. They make an effort to know what the customer values most, where their frustrations lie and what they can do to help. 

Take Control

Taking control of a customer service call while remaining polite is one of the more difficult skills successful customer service representatives develop. It requires finding the right balance between not letting the call to drone on and making sure an upset, talkative customer feels taken care of. These representatives take control by taking every opportunity to keep the conversation focused on finding and implementing a solution. Whenever the conversation may begin to get off task, they bring it right back around to determine how to best handle the caller’s problem. 

Think Outside the Box 

Successful customer service representatives diligently think outside of the box to solve problems. They don’t automatically revert to “I’m sorry but I can’t help you with that”. They are always trying to assist their callers. These customer service representatives take pride in their work and find satisfaction in finding new ways to solve problems. They consistently create a unique solution for their customer’s unique issues.  

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