Call centers are so much more than just someone sitting in a dark room answering phone calls. The customer contact centers of today are now technologically-advanced business partners with a goal of improving the customer experience. They ensure that an actual person takes your calls, is able to answer your questions and even schedule your service calls.

Today’s live interactions have raised the bar for customer expectations. This helpful, responsive communication leads to a better experience, which then leads to happier customers and in turn a growing business. Customer contact centers and customer service representatives bring a whole new level of service to your customer’s experience. They are the voice of your company. The initial call sets the tone for the entire customer journey. They are a valuable resource, and they create memorable experiences. In order to create your own memorable customer experience that keeps customers returning for more, take into consideration these three tips:

Personalized Details

Through call center software, there are multiple levels of personalization that can be created. The first is your scripting. You are able to personalize your greeting all the way to the final goodbye. The major benefit of this is making sure that you are getting all the relevant information you need to provide a smooth buyer’s journey. The second personalization is with the customer directly. The software can register the number and pull up any previously connected information. Having easy access to the little details such as name, address, and previous service records. This more personalized customer experience that caters to an individual’s direct information, problem or need will keep them coming back for more.

Exceed Expectations

Technology is setting new customer expectations and in order to excel in your industry, your business needs to be the kings, and queens, of the customer experience. It’s important to emphasize the value of exceeding these expectations. Customers will tell 1.6 times as many people about a bad customer service experience than a good one. Breaking that down, it means that a person may tell 10-15 of their friends about outstanding customer service, but they will tell 16-24 of their friends about a lesser quality experience. Companies simply cannot afford to have this negative feedback from customers. You need to set achievable goals with the mindset of exceeding those expectations every single day, every single call.

Look at the Big Picture

It’s critical that your business is focused on providing customers with exceptional experiences before, during and after the sale. This requires looking at the big picture of your customer journey. If you’re lacking in one specific area, it’s easy to get fixated on that, to the exclusion of everything else. Being able to balance what aspects of your experience you’re enhancing keeps everything running smoothly. In return, this balance creates consistency throughout your entire company. Your team should decide what your overall customer experience should entail and deliver it at every step. When creating this plan, it’s important to keep it simple. You don’t want to overcomplicate your experience. Make all your communication as straightforward as possible and strive to make it intuitive to find help or report a problem.

The experience customers desire is quite different today than what is used to be. Businesses have to pay attention to offlice and online experiences to create a memorable experience that keeps customers continuously coming back for more.