There was a time when Nationwide Inbound strictly had in-house employees. After COVID-19 hit, we needed to create a safe work environment for our staff, which meant sending our employees to work from home. Since then, we have expanded our employment opportunities all across the states of Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and Kansas. 

Studies show that workers are happier and more productive when working from home. Check out these fun-facts about our in-house and remote employees at Nationwide Inbound:

Top Work Type: Remote

You might be wondering, is everyone who works for Nationwide Inbound remote? The simple answer is no. Anyone who lives within driving distance is welcome to come in-house when they can, and utilize the hybrid model.

Top Remote Location: Illinois

Nationwide Inbound’s headquarters is located in Freeport, IL, where Brian Stewart, owner & CEO, originally found the need for a telephone answering service. Nationwide Inbound was primarily staffed with in-house agents, and it wasn’t until 2020 when we adapted into our new norm of remote work across the tri-state area and Kansas.

Top Benefit of Working Remote: Flexibility

Remote agents enjoy the flexibility that comes with working from home for Nationwide Inbound. Employee’s are able to create a healthy work/life balance and a flexible schedule.

Interested in joining the Nationwide Inbound team remotely or in-house? Visit our Careers page to view our current openings and submit your initial application or click the link below to apply! ↓