As 2022 comes to a close, our team at Nationwide Inbound has taken time to reflect on the variety of industry resources we have provided for you to help your business become more effective. Over the last 12 months, we have dug deep into topics such as sales, customer service and personal & professional development. Join us as we revisit our top blogs of 2022!  

Nationwide Inbound Inc. Receives Two Awards for Outstanding Services.

Nationwide Inbound Inc. has won the coveted ATSI Award of Excellence for the 14th year, and the Call Center Award of Distinction for the 9th year.

Remote vs. In-House Agents at Nationwide Inbound

There was a time when Nationwide Inbound strictly had in-house employees. After COVID-19 hit, we needed to create a safe work environment for our staff, which meant sending our employees to work from home. Studies show that workers are happier and more productive when working from home. Check out these fun-facts about our in-house and remote employees at Nationwide Inbound!

How to Deal with an Angry Customer [Infographic]

Working in the customer service industry, you can have really positive moments and you can also have really rough moments. One of the harder moments may be dealing with an angry customer. Keep these 6 tips in mind to successfully navigate talking to an angry customer.

4 Habits of a Successful Customer Service Representative

Not all customer service representatives were created equal. Some do the bare minimum, while others work hard and go above and beyond to become successful. Those representatives have certain habits that make them successful in their job. These habits help them to deliver an outstanding experience to their clients.

Work Life Balance Tips

For far too long, we have prioritized doing well over being well. Balancing work life and personal life can be tough. A healthy balance is all within your control! Check out our 4 work life balance tips that you can begin using right now!